What is the Lincoln Party?

The Lincoln Party is the accumulation of the aspirations of both Independent Citizens as well as those leaning towards the Republican, Fighting Democrat, or even Libertarian parties. We have joined forces with those members of our Body Politic in an effort towards Innovation in our Democratic republic.

Yet the Lincoln Party is also the home of the fully Independent minded people who have no party affiliation whatsoever. The home of the Progressive third party, the home of Independents, the pursuers of Liberty and the lovers of Freedom and Democracy in our Constitutional Republic.

We have always been seeking to create a better Body Politic, and perhaps this is the way to find a new path towards keeping our Constitutional and Liberal Republic alive and well for the long term, or at least till the next generation takes over and runs the race on behalf of their future, because a nation is an agreement between those who came before us and those yet to be born. Yet we are the keepers of the flame – the guardians of the agreement to behold and safeguard our Founding Principles, our Unity, and our Constitution.

The Lincoln Party is the way to be a true Independent, a fighting Democrat, or a Compassionate Republican, in today's polarized and partisan Constitutional Republic of the United States without abandoning the team colors of your party -- yet still voting your Conscience. The Lincoln Party is for all those who choose to take a strong stand and want to fight corruption, cronyism, and fascism, in our Democratic Politics. We welcome everyone, because we are not traditional Independent, Republicans, or Democrats. We are Conservative Independents and Progressives across many platforms. We are the 99%. We support the idea that it's time for a political revolution in our nation. Of the people, for the people, by the people, and we are the ones who are not for sale. Because being progressive is more about wanting to move the country forward, to advocate change, to step away from the establishment, to advance new humanitarian ideas, policies and methods which focus on transparency, liberty, democracy, justice, and equality.

We support a national Independent Coalition Party outside the DNC and the GOP. We don’t view being progressive as taking a particular political stance, but by moving the wheel of History forward. Regardless of who wins the elections in the short term, it's time to create the people's party. Two party politics have led us to the troubles we face now. Troubles like the election rigging, voter suppression, super delegate manipulation, lobby corruption in politics, and moneyed political corruption. Many similar groups have been organized recently, not to mention those established in the past. It's our long term goal to consolidate with these groups and bring a new Independent Coalition Party forward before 2012. This is not about GOP vs DNC. It's about the 99%. It's about us. Forming grassroots movements, empowering ourselves and those around us, strengthening community, and taking action everywhere that we can help others -- these are the principles we support.

So go ahead and Invite your friends, and make this your political home. Feel free to post blog pieces, articles, videos, pics, memes, and links. Join us in organizing events and actions, starting discussions, sharing opinions, and becoming the Townhall center where we are researching the reality of a third party, that can reach out to other parties and support them according to their True Impact on this Country of ours.

All are welcome. We're a Family For Progress. And of course the Lincoln Party is the Home of all those patriots that believe in UNITY, and choose to support our country's journey forward towards a Great Future to believe in. We have an enormous interest in public service and have been working towards making the world a better place for quite a while now. And now that Bernie has given up on the Movement -- we've chosen to carry on by ourselves. Since we became conscious of the power of our Collective Actions -- we decided to carry forth the New America movement in order to change the people in Congress and the Senate, with True Progressives who can safely earn our Vote, not because they deserve it, but because they earn it. And that is the reason why we've made the effort and allocated the time and dedicated adequate resources to work with the Lincoln Party in these United States of America – our home.

The Lincoln party is the only party of Unity in America. And we are the ones that walk the middle line between the two main parties. We follow the golden rule of classical politics. We are all inclusive because we invite all the people to join us -- so long as they are flexible and adaptable towards all others. Regardless of creed, color of the skin, origin, nativity, sex, and orientation in Society -- we are all together fighting this war of survival on behalf of our Constitutional Republic. And don't ever think that this is an exercise in Politicking like some Politicians are doing to get elected. I am doing all of this as an American strictly because I see the political corruption and the everyday business and societal corruption, endangering the very existence of our beloved Republic. Political corruption being the cancer in the body politic -- we have to make every effort to excise it and stop it from killing the host: Our Great Democracy.

We founded the Lincoln party in honor of the first Civil Rights Activist -- the Honest Abraham Lincoln. And we went further yet, because we followed Honest Abe's platform for his many electoral efforts, and we used the same seven planks for our Platform today, only adjusted for the current age, for technological progress, and Innovative political climate.

The Lincoln Party is the place to find guidance and support for our Democratic Republic when we search to find progressive Candidates accessible to American Citizens and especially to the active Voters, in their pursuit of growth of our Constitutional Republic through Innovative Policy Advocacy for Liberty, Democracy, and Progress.

We are all Lincoln followers from the United States, starting from the State of Washington, Oregon, and Northern California, and rapidly spreading across this Great Land of ours, and we are supporting both Progressive and Conservative Policies and Candidates for our Democratic Republic.

We want to caucus as a Group for the National Elections same as we caucus for the State Primaries and all Electoral contests. We further want to vote as a block of Independents in order to alter the balance of the Establishment Crony Politicians that rule the destiny of these United States, like some "Tammany Hall" corrupt politicians did so many years ago.

We aim to change that...

We are Jeffersonian Democrats and Hamiltonian Republicans, united in the pursuit of the Unity that Lincoln promised who also believed that we can take back our government from the corrupt & complicit career politicians in Washington DC Senate and House. Therefore we also support Dr Pano Churchill -- Founder and Funder of the Lincoln Caucus -- in his electoral fight for the position of Senator of the United States Senate, on behalf of the Great State of Washington, same as we support all those others who run as Lincoln Caucus Candidates, Independents, Libertarians, Compassionate Republicans, and Fighting Democrats.

Join us and organize for the upcoming elections with us....